Christmas Madness

Excuse me for going off topic this week. I just want to have a little rant about scenes we have recently witnessed from so called Black Friday. Yes it was black . People grabbing TVs when they had no idea what they were grabbing and most probably had good TVs at home. This in a week when NHS volunteers are heading out to Africa to save lives. What are we turning into I ask myself !!

Facebook tell me the people who steal dogs are back in this area. What a dreadful, callous thing to do!
This is not a cheery blog is it ?

I am starting on my last animal portraits. I shall indeed be glad to finish for Christmas .
8 of my portraits will be given as presents on Christmas morning . I know some of my customers cannot wait to hand their portraits to their loved ones.

I know they will get lots more satisfaction than those cheap TV givers .

Happy Days !

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