March 2016

So I am pleased to introduce to you my new website. Thanks to Dean up in Manchester for setting this all up. Since  I last wrote, Christmas has come and gone. We seem to have had a fair bit of rain and certainly dog walking has seemed a chore some days not a pleasure!

When we got to January I found I had nearly 20 animals to paint and I was a bit daunted by what lay ahead. But I have had two months of hard work getting through your commissions and I am on track to get this book  of orders done by the onset of summer.

If you are thinking of getting a portrait done as a gift or just for yourself please do ask in plenty of time and then I will hopefully be able to match your expectations. This may sound stupid and I say it every year but if you are thinking of a Christmas portrait for a loved one please ask me from any time now. I really cannot help you if you email me from November onward and people do still ask me on December the 17th!

I shall shortly be updating my paintings  for sale page with a whole new range of work. I did some Christmas shows and people were very attracted to a new style I have developed. I am painting painting scenes in a mix of watercolour and pen and ink. They will soon be up on the site.

So what are the dogs of the moment? Well I seem to be asked  to do a lot Jack Russell Terriers  watercolours at the moment. That and the usual batch of Spaniels and Labradors

So enough for now and I will speak with you in AprilHelena and Horse 022





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