Ran and Anneka 3

Spaniels and more spaniels

April has been a busy month for me. I completed two beautiful spaniels for  a surprise birthday present for an existing customer. These will be on the website from May 2nd. I t was interesting to hear the gentleman who commissioned the portrait say how nervous he was to see the painting. I thought as it was his second time using me and I know how pleased he was on the first occasion, his confidence in me would be fine but some people really do worry about how their favorite animals will turn out. And that is perfectly understandable.    My husbands tries to re assure customers that ” my portrait will look just like that photo she is using only a bit bigger!”

You will note Mia on my website. Mia is no longer with us and the customers were so grateful and so emotional about their portrait. It just reminded me how precious our pets are to us and what a hole they leave when they head to the kennel in the sky.

Teddy, just added to the site, is a super example of a Lucas Terrier pet portrait. I first worked for his owners a few years ago. Its always great when clients come back to me.

My daughter Ran is a young aspiring art director at a London advertising agency. She is an accomplished artist and I put an example of her work onto my front page because if you are looking for a pencil sketch I would suggest you ask her through me to send you her prices and details. A slightly less cost option to consider and trust me she is good. But then I am Mum !! Below is her picture of a local Public House which the owners were thrilled about.

Rans Pic


She loves drawing and painting. Here she is below painting with Anneka Rice on the Jubilee River Pageant Day. A print of her work was given to the Pageant Master himself as a birthday gift.

Ran and Anneka 3

April is lambing time and I have been out with the camera photographing skipping lambs. I hope I get time to paint them! I have also been working on a number of local village scenes. Different for me and I will share them with you shortly.

Finally if you are a gardener I hope your plants are growing better than mine. It is still so cold out isn’t it!

Until next time! …  I am off to continue working on  a Black Labrador Pet Portrait for someones wedding present.


Helena and Horse 022

March 2016

So I am pleased to introduce to you my new website. Thanks to Dean up in Manchester for setting this all up. Since  I last wrote, Christmas has come and gone. We seem to have had a fair bit of rain and certainly dog walking has seemed a chore some days not a pleasure!

When we got to January I found I had nearly 20 animals to paint and I was a bit daunted by what lay ahead. But I have had two months of hard work getting through your commissions and I am on track to get this book  of orders done by the onset of summer.

If you are thinking of getting a portrait done as a gift or just for yourself please do ask in plenty of time and then I will hopefully be able to match your expectations. This may sound stupid and I say it every year but if you are thinking of a Christmas portrait for a loved one please ask me from any time now. I really cannot help you if you email me from November onward and people do still ask me on December the 17th!

I shall shortly be updating my paintings  for sale page with a whole new range of work. I did some Christmas shows and people were very attracted to a new style I have developed. I am painting painting scenes in a mix of watercolour and pen and ink. They will soon be up on the site.

So what are the dogs of the moment? Well I seem to be asked  to do a lot Jack Russell Terriers  watercolours at the moment. That and the usual batch of Spaniels and Labradors

So enough for now and I will speak with you in AprilHelena and Horse 022






Christmas Madness

Excuse me for going off topic this week. I just want to have a little rant about scenes we have recently witnessed from so called Black Friday. Yes it was black . People grabbing TVs when they had no idea what they were grabbing and most probably had good TVs at home. This in a week when NHS volunteers are heading out to Africa to save lives. What are we turning into I ask myself !!

Facebook tell me the people who steal dogs are back in this area. What a dreadful, callous thing to do!
This is not a cheery blog is it ?

I am starting on my last animal portraits. I shall indeed be glad to finish for Christmas .
8 of my portraits will be given as presents on Christmas morning . I know some of my customers cannot wait to hand their portraits to their loved ones.

I know they will get lots more satisfaction than those cheap TV givers .

Happy Days !