Other Portraits

This page showcases a selection of Claire Stallard's other portraits, including farmyard animals, more exotic animals and some landscapes.

All of these images are of other portraits produced by Claire Stallard and then photographed to display online. The photos don't do Claire's attention to detail justice but provide an insight into the quality of her work.

In "real life" the portraits come on a crisper, whiter background, and you can see every hair has been painstakingly painted by Claire.

Claire is passionate about really capturing the spirit of each animal within her work and her portraits do just that.

The gallery below showcases a selection of other portraits painted by Claire, designed to give you a feel for the range and breadth of experience she has painting a range of different animals and scenes.

If you like any of the pictures then get in touch with Claire as she may well have the picture or a print available for sale. Conversely, you can request to commission a picture that's similar to one you like.

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