Boogie The Terrier and Lulu the Horse

Dear Claire, I wanted to get in contact to express the happiness and gratitude I felt for the most beautiful portrait my husband had commissioned, as a surprise Christmas present. I also wanted to say how remarkable, actually, astounded I was at the attention to detail in the expressions and character shining from their eyes. I had my horse 'Lulu' from a foal, for 23 years, and I thought only I noticed the wrinkle above the nose or her loose lower lip! My little Border Terrier 'Boogie', was only 8 when he had to leave me, but now his loyal, gentle little face is immortalised forever - photos just aren't the same. Thank you Claire, I will always remember the moment I first saw it; the impact was hugely emotional for me. Due mostly to the accuracy, but also relief that I had wanted it done by only the most discerning and skilled of artists to convey the characters of best friends!  You have certainly succeeded, as I will treasure this portrait forever. Thank you once again, Kindest Regards,

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